Inspiring Worship

Inspiring Worship 

St. Augustine of Canterbury Episcopal Church of Oklahoma City claims a unique heritage that stems from both Protestant and Catholic lineage, so our liturgical life reflects both ancient and reformed tendencies.  In worship, we are united, acknowledging the holiness of God, to hear God’s Word, to offer prayer, and to celebrate God’s presence among us in the Sacraments.  All are welcome to participate in our worship because it is in worship that we live out our life as a Christian family.  The service is drawn from the Book of Common Prayer, two-thirds of which is scriptural.  The Book of Common Prayer has a variety of formal rites, which include ancient and modern prayers for both corporate and individual use.  It must be said that just as there are a variety of churches, so too will the method of conducting a service vary greatly, from the very plain to those with great ceremony.  Each service concludes with a blessing and the mandate to depart to serve a world in need of God’s love.

What to Expect

St. Augustine’s of Oklahoma City uses liturgies based on ancient patterns and rituals: a rich fare for mind, body and soul. It is ecumenical yet with a distinctive style all our own.

In our services we experience God’s presence through the bodily senses and all that it means to be human. We delight in God’s beauty through seeing symbols such as cross and candles, flowers, color and, of course, people; tasting bread and wine; hearing scripture, music and silence; and touching one another as we share the peace, receiving anointing with oil, and use our bodies to kneel, stand, sit, bow and process.

Our liturgies are also contemplative, allowing us – in the midst of busy urban life and near-constant connection to cell phones and computers – to appreciate a special time to gather in sacred space for silence and reflection. 

Our worship is user-friendly. Whatever your background, our bulletin provides brief commentary, so you can participate at whatever level you are comfortable.

Sermons are relevant to contemporary issues and struggles. Though they engage our minds, a dose of humor or a down-to-earth example helps make biblical texts fresh for today.

We're formal and informal.  Some folks dress casually, yet our worship worship participants wear vestments. There is a sense of tradition, yet blended with warmth, relevance and openness.

While there is a lot of tradition in our worship services and liturgy, there is also uniqueness and originality that may take some people by surprise.

  • Our Nave (the area where worshippers sit) and the Sanctuary (the area within the Altar rails) are often rearranged or decorated to reflect the theme of the day or the liturgical season. Flowers, streamers, and various other items of liturgical symbolism and interest are used to enhance our worship experience.
  • We enjoy music and we sing a lot – both traditional and more contemporary tunes at the 10:45 am service.
  • Those who may be looking for a worship experience may find that the 8:30 am service better fits the bill. All ages are encouraged to attend.

Holy Communion – also called Eucharist, a Greek word meaning “thanksgiving” -- is offered every Sunday. All Baptized Christians are welcome to come to the table. 


14700 North May Ave | Oklahoma City, OK 73134

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